We created our first full-featured reporting tool powered by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in 2009 and ever since, Allione has strived to streamline and simplify complex business processes through intelligent design and one-click automation.

The suite of tools, reports and applications we have created stem from humble beginnings. Our first project was borne out of one individual’s frustration over being repeatedly required to construct sales reports from scratch. Each time he would combine raw data from multiple sources, add look-ups, then perform cleaning & correcting, make calculations, consistency checks and finally apply formatting. It was very time consuming, repetitive, and susceptible to either errors or inconsistencies due to the manual nature of the work.

There had to be a better way. Some means of automating the report creation process that gave a better result in a fraction of the time. We were spending far too much time generating data, and not enough time using it.

The idea was simple: to use VBA to automate the handling of raw data, and Excel PivotTables to present the processed information in a consistent way.

The result was that one person’s dream of eliminating tedious manual work, ultimately yielded a series of bespoke reports that are now used by coworkers across entire enterprises around the globe: by Sales Teams, Marketing, Finance, Product Management, Business Analysts and Supply Chain.

Today Allione is leveraging its combined experience of business, systems and programming to tackle new challenges, and is empowering users to focus and deliver on what they do best.