Allione Revolutionises SAP BW Reporting with BExMagic

12/05/2014 - The Magic Begins

Allione Consulting proudly announces the availability of BExMagic BW Tools.

BExMagic heralds a new era for Allione Consulting, offering an unparalleled user experience and incredibly powerful features in a slick, intuitive interface. It has been developed from the ground-up, and built using our Codabase platform, to achieve a single objective: to transform raw SAP BW data into meaningful business intelligence with single-click simplicity.

The BExMagic reporting engine includes a number of AI features, which adapt to the design and layout of any report exported from BW BExWeb.

With a single click, users can take a raw Excel download from BW, and have the data cleaned to remove result lines and blank cells, create consolidated column headings and intelligently activate filters. The reporting engine will turn any BW data into a continuous range, thereby allowing users to more easily sort and filter the tabular information instantly.

BExMagic also creates a dynamic data range containing only the relevant report data, and will automatically create a PivotTable linked to this range. Power users are free to build PivotTables manually, however the reporting engine AI will alternatively evaluate the available fields and automatically create a PivotTable report that is powerful for pro’s and novices alike.

For users unfamiliar with Excel, PivotTables can be daunting. However, the AI in Allione BExMagic makes them child’s play. In addition to automating the creation process, it further simplifies the addition of calculated fields within a PivotTable without requiring any understanding of Excel formulas.

Excel experts and power users aren’t limited in any way: Because BExMagic runs as an add-in, users retain full control over their reports. BExMagic doesn’t restrict any standard Excel functions, so users are free to further customise reports to the full extent of their abilities.

Finally, the reporting engine AI will also evaluate the raw BW data structure and propose a default layout for PivotCharts, letting users create dynamic graphs with incredible ease.

BExMagic can transform the speed, ease and simplicity with which you use data from BW. It eliminates tedious manual formatting tasks, and will empower you to paint a picture with your numbers with no fuss.

If you or your enterprise are interested in BExMagic from Allione, please contact us.