Allione’s Reporting Security Model

Did you know that our reports have a fully configurable security model? Each report is user and location aware, and can show/hide information based on the user’s profile and/or where the report is being loaded from.

That means you can have a “single source of truth” accessed by many different people and departments, with a customised interface and different levels of access to sensitive information based on a user’s role. You can also restrict access to information depending upon where the report is accessed from, for example only permitting it to run from a SharePoint location, and not from copies saved to local drives.

Not only is our security model flexible, but it also provides traceability. Administrators can view an activity log to see exactly which people are using reports, and the information that they look at.

Knowledge really is power, and Allione reports give everyone the right level of access to it – be they an intern, a sales rep, a business analyst, or the boss.