Encouraging Top-Down Reporting with DashBoard

It seems that, whether they want to be or not, everybody is a “numbers guy” these days. Offices are full of people scrutinizing every minutiae of information that is available to them, trying to find out whether their business is performing as it should.

Allione’s Sales Report does a great job of making that information easy to digest, and if you’re feeling creative you can export a custom PivotTable and analyse to your heart’s content. The default approach, however, is very much bottom-up, and sometimes it’s better to look at sales from another perspective to get a different view of the business.

DashBoard is a top-down report, bringing together data from multiple sources, that allows the user to see information at many levels. It includes current year sales, forward orders, budget and prior year data. Sales can be filtered at any level to view trends by business segment, region, product or customer (or any combination).

It’s an incredibly simple yet powerful and fast way to analyse data. Want to track the sales to your key accounts? Review the profitability of particular product lines? Get an overview of total sales by region or business segment? DashBoard lets you do this with just one-click.


Stop looking for data, and start using it!