Introducing: Allione Consulting

As January thunders along and February looms, allow me to be the last to wish you a Happy New Year. I spent a great deal of the festive period cut-off from the Internet, which afforded me time to reflect on the year that had passed. I concluded that whilst 2013 presented extreme challenges, I truly believe these have helped sharpen the vision that drives us. The last vestiges of what we refer to as ‘legacy services’ were divested and our focus became squarely locked on our Consultative Services (CS) business. It is for this reason that we rebranded as Allione Consulting at the beginning of 2014.

This signifies an important milestone for Allione, and our new identity will better connect us with our future target customer base. 2014 will be the year that our CS business becomes the public face of the company, as we seek to grow and gain new contracts and partners.

We start the year in great shape, having recently begun a continuous Knowledge Exchange process to review, revise, consolidate and catalogue the various tools and programs that have been developed in recent years by CS. This has resulted in the creation of a suite of core programs and functions that we call Codabase. This is essentially a set of common API’s that underpin our development, and supports our ethos of “code well, code once”. Codabase is a rich and robust core that facilitates slick, optimised programming and rapid development of solutions. New programs can be created faster and interoperate in a reliable manner, without becoming bloated or cluttered with duplicate or redundant code. Our disciplined and modular approach to development means that core and custom programming are always kept separate. This facilitates easier maintenance and deployment of upgrades, whilst maintaining the integrity of solution-specific programs.

I am enormously proud of everything we have developed from a technical standpoint, and I am fortunate to regularly witness our code in action. Seeing first-hand our clients being delighted by our solutions is extremely satisfying, and helps build strong, lasting relationships. Being able to understand and surpass the needs of our customers is fundamental to the CS business and to Allione.

And so as we begin 2014, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We have an excellent mix of talent and technologies that will allow us to continue to creatively solve complex business problems. As we grow we will seek new challenges, so if you have one why not contact us.

Have a happy, healthy 2014!